January 1, 2011 The Day Muncie Will Die

I suppose many of you read the local newspaper’s extensive coverage on how the sky will fall upon Muncie, Indiana January 1, 2011 at 12:01 AM.  Life as we know it will end, Muncie is doomed, as reported by a paper looking to gain new subscribers.

Next we had the letter from Gene Williams calling the newspaper a watchdog and a business.

My intent is not to trash our local newspaper, it is our one source for local news.  However, I am very disappointed in the content of many articles.  Years ago, the paper reported to us a wealth of information we could use.  I remember reading an article written by Larry Lough or Larry Shores (I believe) in which these men felt the newspaper had a grave responsibility to bring information to the public. 

The intent was to help the people make an informed decision when it came to voting at the polls.  Not sure we are seeing this same sense of responsibility today.

My personal belief is there are some fairly good reporters/writers on staff.  Many which have been employed with the newspaper for years.   The quality of reporting has taken a downturn. 

Understand we are in a recession and every newspaper is facing financial problems, but to replace great journalism with sensational headlines is not what I want.

The article with its doomsday overtones, was a veiled endorsement of the LOIT tax.  As if any sane person would picket for additional taxes.  As a business, the newspaper is exploring every avenue of revenue available, attempting every marketing strategy and cutting costs.  Just as our city must do.  No different.

An additional income tax levied upon the very ones who would likely be their next customers, seems a strange way to attract customers.  Any additional taxes will and always have caused us to rethink our budgets.  The first to go would be my subscription to the paper.

Much of what we read on the local forums is fictional, sometimes entertaining and always to be taken with a grain of salt, you can rest assured there is a nugget of gold to be harvested on occasions.  Information researched an posted by people concerned with Delaware County’s economic and social climate.


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