Evening with the Commissioners

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Attended the first evening with Delaware County Commissioner’s meeting.  When we first arrived, there was a public meeting already in progress, but the door was locked.  Not sure how public it was.

Not much to report.  Tommy Crawford spoke about the fund Tim Hutton (think that is his name) started on new ambulance purchases.  I found it very interesting that someone took on the task and with success.  $11.00 of every run will be deposited into the kitty to fund new ambulances, and no cost to the taxpayers.  Mr. Crawford also expressed his disappointment that nothing was reported in the paper.

Poor Nick Werner.  He gets it all the time.

The trending on properties will be begin this year for 2009 taxes and pay 2010.  I bet that will be another increase.

The County appointed George Dahl for the Common Wage Hearing at Yorktown High School.  Apparently, not every appointee was at the meeting.  Some snafu where it was changed from 2:30 PM to 10:30 AM.  Guess the word didn’t get out.

A gentleman spoke about the money that could be saved by using ABC wages instead of CCW.  He cautioned the Commissioners that projects would increase in cost, when there is actually a way to get the same quality for less. 

Community Corrections added an at-large member to their board.   Judge Thomas Cannon.

Besides this, Della Gregory was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Yorktown-Mt. Pleasant Twp. Public Library.  She will serve 4 years.

That’s about it, folks.  Had to dash off at 7:15 for the OTHER government meeting.

You can check it out on Channel 60.  See the broadcast schedule in the “pages” section of the blog.


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