Muncie City Council 3-2-09

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Muncie City Council Meeting March, 2, 2009


It was a pretty uneventful, and actually boring the first hour or so. 


Jerry Friend has worked hard on getting the ordinances updated.  All 20+ were passed.  Say what you may about the current administration, there is no doubt the people in place are qualified, community and citizen oriented. It is possible this department could be self-sustaining WITHOUT gouging the people who use the service, or those who don’t.  Good job, Jerry.


The Consolidation and Modernization was passed.  However, it was passed with a threshold.  That would make it possible for the minority to over ride the majority.  The City’ vote and the County’s vote are independent of each other.   I seem to recall that more people spoke at the “Special Meeting” in favor on NO threshold.  What’s new?


City council added language that would require the referendum to pass both a vote among city residents and a separate vote among those outside city limits.

Because a defeat among either population group would defeat the entire referendum, the change made the consolidation effort more vulnerable.

Hypothetically, an absolute consensus among city voters could be undermined by a one-vote loss among county voters.”

Muncie Star Press 3-2-09 

To quote Linda Gregory…”One man, one vote.”


Mr. Jinks spoke against the consolidation, and his reasons are far removed from what the consolidation is really all about.  The “Team” is looking at ways to streamline government, consolidate services.  We have duplication of services, and I doubt anyone would pay twice for the same item.  I know I wouldn’t.  The fact is, without a proper, non-partisan study, we can not proceed.  I think of it as a medical exam.  You visit your doc, he or she examines you…either you are great and you skip happily from the office…or the doc finds something that needs to be fixed.


Muncie and Delaware County need to be fixed.


On a positive note, Mayor McShurley has an IT person working on the website. It would be nice to get the minutes of the meetings and other critical documents.  Oh, did I mention this position is strictly VOLUNTEER!


Mayor McShurley is working with Ball State and Comcast to keep this station alive.  I believe is it vital to the community.  Great for review and fantastic for those who are not able to attend meetings.  Big thanks to Citizens of Delaware County for Property Tax Repeal, the driving force behind this media!


That’s about it.


See you all, later




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