Mayor McShurley

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There has been an all out attempt to destroy the Muncie Mayor since she walked through the doors on January 1, 2008.

I voted for her and will continue to support her during this onslaught of filth and vile which constantly surrounds her administration.

What has she done to warrant this?  Well, the answer is simple.  She is a person of integrity, kindness and a progressive thinker.  Something Muncie lacks and is in desperate need to obtain.

So what has she done?

She listens to the citizens.

Economic Development Initiatives

Business Recruitments

Governor’s Arts Festival

Paving of White River Blvd.

Tackling Blight

Instrumental in bringing Brevini (hope it is still a go)

Actively seeks Japanese business

Appointing the most talented and qualified people to get the job DONE!

Secured HUD fund in January 2008.

Secured and securing Federal Funds

Chat With the Mayor

Part-time IT volunteer to get Muncie website up and running

She wants to make as many departments as possible self-sustaining.  That is good news for the citizens.  Mayor Mac warned the City Council as far back as early 2008 on the budget concerns.  They didn’t listen then, perhaps they’ll listen now.  (Miss American Pie)  She met with every willing employee and kept them apprised of the financial situation in 2-08. 

Because of her administration’ willingness to work with local business, we have seen the generosity of those businesses give sizeable donations to help fund things like fireworks ($30,000.00), improvements to Thomas Park ($80,000.00), fund raiser to get new equipment for Prairie Creek.  You don’t get a dedicated team of employees without having great leadership qualities.  It just isn’t done.

While on her trip to Japan, the unthinkable, and most despicable onslaught of vicious rumors that have ever been targeted against any public official began.  Not only did “they” wait until she was unable to defend herself, the filth was unimaginable.  Do you as Citizens of Muncie really approve such tactics?  Or would you prefer to support a Mayor that has shown grace under pressure?

At the City Council meeting a gentleman exercised his right to free speech by publicly stating his views on the Consolidation and Modernization.  Yet that same person has the audacity to post vile rumors on a public forum about the Mayor.  Prior, he posted filth about a local businessman, and forgive me for being blunt, he accused the man of purchasing intimate apparel for a teenager.

We know exactly where and when those rumors originated. 

Believe me folks, when I say, there is and has been an effort to destroy the Mayor and any that stand in support of her.

Has she made some mistakes?  Absolutely.  Is she the best person to run our City?  Most definitely.







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