Muncie Politics at it’s finest!!

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Muncie Politics. It doesn’t get better than this. (This isn’t even an election year!) Mr. Mansfield still wants to be Mayor. The truth is nobody knows what happened with the ballots in Precinct 46. Was it an honest mistake? Or was it an effort by the Republican to overthrow the election? Or as one person commented on today’s Muncie Star Press article, did the Democrats whisk just enough away to not cause their candidate to lose? Yet, just enough to cause a stink. We will never know.

What we do know and have before us is a history of electioneering tricks. Some legal, some not. Let’s start with stacking the primary ballot. It has been common practice for years, to request a willing person to be placed on the ballot. A willing participant with last name beginning with the letters A or B. Of course a C or D will work if the “unwanted” candidate may have a last name of Edwards, for example. I have been told Republicans are guilty of the practice, too. Try as I may, not able find one shred of evidence to back this claim. Not saying it is not out there, just can’t find it.

Allegations, confessions and arrests the norm of Muncie elections. No access to voter registration lists, polling books or campaign materials. Candidates discourage to run for office, signs stolen; poll books in the trash, assessment requirements to the Headquarters. Do we need to look any further than 2008? (O.K. that was a County election, doesn’t matter, it shows a pattern.)

Is it any wonder companies avoid us like a plague? The Secretary of State and Attorney General has telephone numbers on speed dial.

The people of Muncie need to wake up and realize we will continue our decline unless something happens. And no, it is not impeaching the Mayor. If you care about this community, your family and your happiness, it is way past time to take the blinders off and see we can’t continue on the road to ruin.

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