Star Press Editorial 3-4-09

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The Muncie Star Press wrote a damaging editorial on the City Council’s vote in regards to the Consolidation and Modernization that was tabled for months and every conceivable roadblock was used to thwart the will of the people.

“It’s puzzling. Why would Muncie officials take a step that dilutes, if not nullifies, the voice of the people they were elected to represent?”

Hello, Star Press!  We have been asking the same questions.  Funny thing is, we know the answer.  It is all about maintaining the “status quo” and not about the good of Muncie and Delaware County.

“The second change involves how the public will vote on any consolidation plan the committee comes up with. Consolidation requires a referendum vote. The city council added language that would require any referendum to pass both a vote among city residents and a separate vote among those outside the city limits, instead of a single all-county vote. That action virtually guarantees any consolidation measure will fail, simply because many county residents have a deep distrust of anything involving the city of Muncie.”

Why on earth would city council members elected to represent the citizens of Muncie take an action that clearly is not in their constituents’ best interests — one that indicates a mistrust of voters and the process? Could it be making sure government consolidation fails is in their own best interests or that of their political party?”  BINGO!

Clearly, citizen activists were not going to be satisfied until the council brought the measure up for a vote, so finding another way to sabotage consolidation efforts was needed.”

“Most city and county residents have enough common sense to let the committee do its work before passing judgment on the results.”

“It’s too bad the Muncie City Council could not do that.”

Quotations from Muncie Star Press 3-4-09

I would like to thank Linda, Mark and Brad for voting the will of the people, and the Star Press for two excellent back to back articles.

Now, will the people listen?

Senator Errington commented while at the last Legislative Update, the people had NO confidence in their local government.

Anybody wonder why?  I don’t.


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