Prairie Creek

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UPDATE:  Rezoning has been tabled per the article in Star Press 3-6-09.  There will be a public hearing in the next few months.

Looks like it may be full speed ahead for the development of Prairie Creek.  Commissioner Don Dunnuck is on board, have not heard from the other two.

Once the property is rezoned, it will open the door for Indiana-American Water Company to sell at a nice profit.   Still, at this point, it is only in the planning stages.  This is the opportunity for residents to become involved, regardless if you are for or against.  Please do not wait until everything becomes a done deal.  Guaranteed you will have a hard time undoing any damages…and even “undoing” may be an impossible task.

The last time Todd Donati was in office, we were all blessed with a sewer system.  In fact, we got two.

Just surmising….will New Burlington and the other properties in the proposed development suffer the same gross and costly sewage system Royerton has today? 

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