Muncie not as bad as it seems?

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The Star Press wrote an editorial about the politics of Delaware County today (3-6-09).  It had more than a ring of truth to it, yet it was pretty soft or as some would say “no teeth”.

I believe there are 91 counties in Indiana.  Only two counties have had a worse reputation…Lake and St. Joseph.  Someone spoke at City Council recently…she ended with “Our County’s competition, Lake County.”

In Lake County 53 people eventually were charged with vote fraud and 23 convicted.  It took years of investigation, and Lake probably still isn’t squeaky clean.

Eventually, Delaware County will improve, you just have to keep plugging away.

Don’t forget Judges Wolf and Cannon refused to pay “dues” because they believed it to be unethical.  Ethics….it is such a foreign concept.

More to come….


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