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Why did Sharon McShurley hire Jessica Koons, knowing she had a record?


Perhaps it was the same reason why Rick Burnett was hired for county bridge superintendent immediately following his parole completion in 1992 for cocaine charges. In 1997, he was indicted for racketeering, ghost employment and theft.


Hey, give a con a break, will ya?


Oh, yea, some would argue the Rick Burnett’s hiring was in the past.  Yes, it is.  The problem, the past has resurrected itself in our current county government.


Why did Sharon McShurley hire her son to mow Prairie Creek last summer?  Maybe he was the most qualified to ride a John Deer.  He loved tractors as a child.


Why did Donati create a job and hire his son for the position last month? Todd said his son was the most qualified and loves the environment.


There ya have it, folks.


Recently, the Commissioners wanted their meetings to be accessible to those who work.    That is all fine and dandy except for one minor glitch.  It is in conflict with Muncie City Council.


Let’s travel back in time again, shall we?   When Shirey was Center Township Trustee, poor relief meetings were held immediately after the Commissioners meeting @ 10:15 AM.  Yet at the 44th meeting, the commissioner’s broke their own rule and held it at 10:00 AM, without any notice to Shirey or a representative.  When Dick’s deputy arrived at 10:05 AM, the meeting was over.


The same people who had devised ways to discredit Shirey are at work trying to discredit the Mayor.  Is it any wonder why she appointed Richard Shirey at Deputy Mayor? 


All one needs to do is research our past to predict our future.


Please, if you care about the future of Muncie and Delaware County, for your future,  the future of your children and grandchildren, make your voices heard loud and clear.  No more business as usual. 




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