Thanks to Larry Bledsoe by Jim Arnold

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I read that Commissioner President Todd Donati recently hired his son, Jason Donati, as education coordinator for the Stormwater Management Department at $30,000 a year.

The article stated Commissioner Larry Bledsoe denounced the move at a commissioners meeting. Bledsoe questioned whether Donati had violated county policy by not advertising the position and said that it created an appearance of impropriety, regardless of Jason Donati’s qualifications.

I heard there was quite a ruckus in the special meeting that occurred behind closed doors after the official meeting adjourned. Kudos Commissioner Bledsoe for taking a stand. I imagine you were berated for your comments, but rest assured, citizens anxious for fiscal responsibility and accountability in our government support your stance.

I don’t know exactly what an education coordinator for the Stormwater Management Department does, but It bothers me the position was not advertised to give everyone an equal opportunity to apply. How could you pick the best candidate for a job without interviewing candidates for the opening?

What bothers me most is that Commissioner Donati and Commissioner Donald Dunnuck seem to think this behavior is acceptable. Something stinks in Delaware County, and it’s not just storm water. Perhaps Dunnuck and Donati can hire a county commissioner training coordinator. I suggest that a refresher course in Ethics 101 might serve them well.

To Commissioner Bledsoe, keep up the good work. 


One thought on “Thanks to Larry Bledsoe by Jim Arnold

    munciepolitics said:
    February 19, 2013 at 10:53 pm

    I did a little follow-up and the position was created in 2006 by the Delaware County commissioners. After interviewing several people for the position (they didn’t want to make the position political) they tabled the hiring. But in 2009, Donati saw the job and hired his son.


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