Mayor McShurley and Chief Wilson

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According to the Star Press article dated February 27, 2008, Mr. Wilson was quoted “We have some daunting times ahead,” Wilson said after McShurley made his appointment official. “It will be challenging.”


The same article stated “Fire Capt. Eric Wilson , 39, was named by Mayor Sharon McShurley to lead firefighters through likely cutbacks and consolidation of public safety services.”  


And “Wilson will initially lead alone with no deputy chief, although the mayor said that might be a option later. The chief makes $62,069 a year.”


And “Wilson said consolidations of fire stations probably would happen but noted that no capital money was available to build a new facility to replace the century-old downtown station.”


And “”We are keeping all our options open,” Wilson said about his 110-member department.”


Was he lead astray when he accepted the job?  It doesn’t appear to be so.  Mr. Wilson knew exactly what was expected of him when he was hired as the chief in 2008.  Now, when he is expected to perform he cries foul.


He has been in that position for one full year, and nothing has come to fruition.  It is still the same as it was when he accepted.


Nobody wanted him as chief, and a year later with the department exactly as it was when he took office, he is now the victim.  I can’t see it.


Several departments have made concessions and reorganized to meet the budget, we have seen and heard.  We don’t know the inside details, yet this article reminds us of the not so distant past.  At the last Chat with the Mayor, when she was asked why Wilson had no deputy chief, she stated the MFD could only find $6,000.00 in cuts and that was not enough to hire a deputy.


Again from the Star Press , May 16, 2008 “A 2002 fire station study proposed a new fire protection model, consolidating Heekin Park and Mock Avenue stations at Heekin Park and combining the stations along Tillotson and Wheeling avenues with a new station at McGalliard Road and Tillotson.

Under the same plan, the Hoyt Avenue station would be relocated to  23rd Street and Cowan Road and a new downtown station would be built on North Walnut Street across from the Muncie Fieldhouse.”

Fire Chief Eric Wilson said he planned to look at the 2002 study and report back with more recommendations.”  Where is the report and the recommendations? 

What happened to the Blue Ribbon Panel?




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