Patriot Paul on Tax Rally 3-10-09

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Tuesday, 3-10-09

Statehouse Rotunda



In a Property Tax Cap Rally called by Governor Daniels and sponsored by a Reform Alliance activated last year, dozens of angry citizens protested the apparent ditching of a reform set in motion last year and finalized in SJR1. 


SJR1 passed the Senate this year but is stuck in

 the House controlled by Democrats, specifically

Speaker Pat Bauer who will not give it a hearing,

making it dead for this session.  


Outraged protestors were told last year the

 property taxes were resolved and seemed shocked to find themselves standing in the same place where the Governor had signed reform.   The much touted SJR1 would put into motion the process of constitutional the 1-2-3 caps that 80% of both chambers approved

 last year. He encouraged the angry crowd chanting  ‘cap it now’ or ‘repeal’ to go ‘upstairs’ to challenge those same legislators.


There were at least 2 Easter bunnies who distributed hollowed eggs, bearing a message by Mike Rowe who coordinated the ‘Black Sunday’ property tax protest rally at the Circle in Indianapolis.  Inside the eggs is a message for total repeal and were distributed in the boxes of lawmakers and also given to Daniels by Mr. Bimm, a well known activist whose home was hit hard by terrific tax increases.

patriot paul





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