Recap of Property Tax Rally 3-10-09

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The Property Tax Rally at the Statehouse was a huge success.  I would estimate approximately 40 people from Delaware County were there, and another 250+ from other counties across the State. 


It was amazing to hear the reaction from the crowd when guest speaker, Jim Arnold, spoke on his $7,000+ property tax bill.  The applause when he said his dream of owning a home has become a nightmare was deafening.  After the rally, we had the opportunity to speak with other participants and listen to their stories.  All across Indiana, people are calling for tax caps and responsible spending, trying to hold our elected officials to their promises.  It does a body good to see the solidarity.


What I found most interesting was conversations we had with the staff at the Statehouse.  I am talking about the employees who change light bulbs, etc.  Their support of property tax caps was evident.  Normal working people struggling to make ends meet.  As we all know Marion County was hit hard.


Dennis Tyler was interviewed and he was adamant on his support of property tax caps.  He even signed a pledge poster.  Now, his next step is to talk with the Speaker of the House, Patrick Bauer, who is the bottleneck in all of this. 


Sue Errington voted against the property tax caps.  She was in the minority of around 20%.  I like Senator Errington personally, can’t understand her line of reasoning.


Larry Riley’s column in the Star Press today, (3-11-09) lays it out.  Wasteful spending and lack of accountability and over sight is the crux of our financial woes.  Corruption and greed compounds our difficulties.


Folks, don’t be fooled, HB1001 and SJR1 is not our enemy.  Don’t let the elected officials tell you this is the destroyer of our State, County and City.  Run-a-way spending is our downfall.


Please take a few minutes to visit the websites under “Interesting Places”.  Please become involved so that we can proclaim our State, City and County as the best place to live, work and raise a family.


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