YWCA in Muncie, Indiana

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Taking a break from the usual political nonsense, I would like to draw your attention for just a moment to a worthy and hard working organization in Muncie, Indiana.

The organization is our very own YWCA. We have all tightened our belts and made life altering changes. And the YWCA has felt the pinch, too. With the Federal law enacted for pool safety, the YWCA and many other small organizations had to come up with some cash to bring their pools up to code. They made it.

Now we read the YWCA has lost nearly 20% of their total funding from the United Way, another devastating blow. Folks, this is where it gets exciting. Did they wring their hands? Close their doors? NO!

Marsha Clark, program director for the Muncie YWCA was quoted in the Star Press today: “It gave us the strength to go on.” That’s a fighter.

Ms. Clark continued “There’s such awareness in the community as well as with our residents and the staff. It’s made us more determined to keep on keeping on.”

Three words: Strength, community and determination.

The Star Press article goes on to describe its rich history of community involvement. Founded in 1911, to house women and children, facing difficult times and continuing that same commitment today, two years short of a century of service.

The YWCA is much more than warm pool or basketball courts or a place to find shelter. It’s that and so much more. The Charles Street building houses the Gateway Health Clinic for uninsured residents and the Well Baby Clinic for new mothers.

Last year the YWCA served 297 women and 76 children through the residential program. Between the gymnasium and the pool, the facility is likely to have 200-250 visitors per week. To keep the doors open, the board of directors will be cutting some programs like summer camp and Christmas programs. But the best is yet to come.

Refocusing on what they call the right direction, and still remaining vital to the community, we will see new programs. Educational opportunities like GED, computer classes and parenting classes are all part of the right direction.

Let’s give the YWCA and their board of directors a big hand. If you feel impressed to help in anyway, I am sure they would be most appreciative.

You can read the full article in the March 24 edition of the Star Press.


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