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There is just something exciting about visiting the Indiana Statehouse. Don’t know if it is the history, the ambiance or the hustle-bustle of the people. Maybe all three and more.

Met a variety of interesting people today from all across the state.  Be encouraged.  Many, many dedicated “patriots” are working diligently and non-stop.  Some quietly, some not so quiet.  Some are housewives,  some are grandmas,  some professionals, some are legislature, some “the guy next door” all have made great contributions.

Eight or nine speakers presented some pretty awesome speeches.  Below is a  short recap and bios on a few of the speakers.   I was quite impressed with their message, activism and knowledge.  Take a gander.

Diana Vice-Lafayette, IN. Housewife and political activist. She is the publisher of “Welcome to My Tea Party” blog. She has been active with Taxpayers United for Fairness for over a decade. She most recently helped to expose a multi-million dollar illegal bidding scheme involving school roofing projects throughout the state. This led to a State Board of Accounts investigation and a legal opinion from the Attorney General declaring bidding laws to be illegal. Just an average person working to make Indiana a better place. Title of her speech: “Transparency and Accountability in Government.”

Julia Vaugh-Policy Director of Common Cause/Indiana. The group was founded in the ’70’s and is made up of non-partisan members. She began her career with Citizens Action Coalition (CAC), where she and others kept constant pressure on policy makers and regulators. By their due diligence they forced a refund of $150 million from the state’s largest electric company which had illegally charged ratepayers for the Marble Hill nuclear plant debacle. Title: “Lobbying and Ethics Reform”.  P.S. Ratepayers are us!

Jim Premeske, Team Hammond Taxpayers. (Lake County) Among unfair taxation, Jim talked about the proposed sewer system. His title was: “”Unfair Taxation”. By the way, they are facing a sewer installation sounding suspiciously like the Royerton Sewer Project. Yikes!

Frankie Niedhammer, President of Vanderburgh County Taxpayers Association. The remarkable 71 year old, soon to be great-grandma, formed the group in 2003. She and her association is credited in the fight of a 7 year, $10 million per year school tax referendum. “Fun and Games in Evansville” was the title of her speech.

Melyssa Donaghy,Editor of the “Hoosiers for Fair Taxation” blog. She is the recipient of the 2007 Sam Adams Alliance National Tea Party Prize for effective community activism, and for the conception and implementation of the Indiana Tea Parties of 2007. She rode her bike for 10 hours, getting out the news to her neighbors.

For those who know Jim Arnold, he spoke. I will get his speech and post it. Update:  See his speech in the “Pages” section.

There were several great speakers with excellent messages. I specifically singled these out, because of their humble beginnings and how far they have advanced in their work. (Kind of dear to my heart, so to speak.) There is just so much to say, and running out of steam.

So many people at the rally.  Indiana is shaking and moving!  It is hard work and these activists are dedicated  Hoosiers working at building a better Indiana for us and future generations.  Indiana must change!  Indiana must become progressive!  We must make out state vibrant and healthy.

Big thanks!

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