Demand a Nepotism Policy – Vote!

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UPDATE:  Nepotism no longer considered an accepted practice.


If you had the opportunity to read the Muncie Star Press’ Sunday edition (3-29-09) you may have seen the front page article on nepotism in Delaware County government. No surprise there.

By now, almost everyone has heard the news about the hiring of Todd Donati’s son, Jason, for an educational coordinator position. The position was created and filled all at the pleasure of the commissioners, in other words, the only person who was even considered to fill it, was Jason Donati.

Out of a whopping zero applicants, Jason was the best qualified. When the commissioners campaigned on job creation this is not what the voters had in mind. Adding insult to injury, Todd Donati, feels he did nothing wrong. In my opinion, that seems more of a travesty then the hiring. When our elected officials create a position specifically for their offspring and feel it is acceptable to do so.

Just as disappointing is Mr. Bledsoe’s comment when he asked, “Where do you draw the line to make it fair?” Both Donati and Bledsoe expressed a concern it would constitute a form of discrimination and disqualify good candidates. Oh, really? 

Last time I peeked at the law, pretty sure it didn’t list relatives along with gender, race, disability, etc. If it is considered discriminatory, then a large group of employers are in violation.

We have a population in the county of roughly 120,000 men, women and children. Surely, there must be qualified candidates amongst us. Considering the unemployment rate is over 9%, bet you could find someone with the ability to perform the required duties of any given position.

Unfortunately, in this position of education coordinator, we will never know if there is a qualified and eager applicant available. It was reserved for a son.

If the elected officials are unwilling to set forth a concrete nepotism policy, then as the Star Press so elegantly put it, we can set the policy at the voting booth.

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