Delaware County – Entering the Stone Age

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It seems to me, instead of Delaware County becoming progressive and embracing change, we are quickly returning to the ways of “almost” days gone by.

In January we saw a brilliant political move by the county with their generous donation to the community centers.  The city carried the commissioners through…not the county.  Great voter support in the City of Muncie.

In February, we saw the fastest job creation and hiring for a son.  Nepotism is embraced by those who want to keep the old ways alive.

Now we find out the county commissioners want to re-instate the payroll deductions for political contributions, something that the city, county and state has put behind them.

What century is this?  All one needs to do is to study the past and we will see the future.  Delaware County can not afford to be governed like this.

That’s my .02.

One thought on “Delaware County – Entering the Stone Age

    Deborah King - Eichholz said:
    April 8, 2009 at 7:29 pm

    Keep ’em comin’ and keep it honest ! You have done the work the local media has long avoided, for God knows what reason.


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