Updated! Government Broadcasts!

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Update! The Star Press wrote an excellent article on CDCPTR and its efforts in bringing government programs to the people.

“The Citizens of Delaware County for Property Tax Repeal announced this week it would post video on its Web site of meetings that include city and county council, Delaware County commissioners and the mayor’s monthly chats.
“We’re just trying to cut through the bureaucracy,” said Chris Hiatt, president of CDCPTR. “We are sick and tired of people not having access to this stuff.”

You can read the full article at the Star Press on-line

The article mentioned the Mayor will be contacting Richmond which has a wonder public access channel. (Thanks to Larry Riley for his column a few days ago…he brought the Richomond information to our attention.)

A big thanks to the folks from CDCPTR for working so hard to bring local government meetings to the citizens.  Check out the Government Broadcast page for more information! For immediate viewing click on the link on this page. Heck, click wherever you want!


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