Tea Party and Me April 15, 2009

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Update: Check out Jim Arnold’s piece  “I Was There” in the pages section of the blog.

Indianapolis Tea Party, April 15, 2009 was a great success. Those in attendance numbered in the thousands. The speakers were excellent, normal, down to earth citizens with wonderful stories to tell. The band played several great selections with a patriotic theme.

Thomas Paine was amazing. You will find a link to his speech at the end of this column.

The crowd was polite and well-behaved, much to the dismay of those who were expecting riots and angry speeches. Some were dressed in revolutionary clothing; one person was dressed as Superman and passed out $200.00 bills with his picture on it. There was a mixture of seriousness and humor. Those peddling wares and literature were free or a very minimal cost. I picked up a flag for my friend and myself for $1.00 each.

7:00 AM this morning I was on the horn to my best bud(s) from the other part of the state to get his take on the Tea Party. Among many things discussed, his observation was this is truly a grassroots movement as clearly defined by the many different signs and messages. Not a group of people ordered by a memo or a fax to do it “this way”. The messages were clearly their own, many clearly hand made and clearly addressing issues they felt passionate about.

Young and old, veterans, people from every political party, every walk of life, and the crowds were diverse, yet united. A teenager held a sign “To young to drive, to young to vote and already in debt.” You go, girl! Another sign “My American Dream has become My American Nightmare”.

For me, I felt a sense of pride to be called an American and several times tears stung my eyes. Even as a child, the Star Spangled Banner forced me to my feet and I would cry. Feeling such a wide range of emotions and memories of days gone by flooded my mind. When speakers talked of personal responsibility, sense of pride, faith and our duty as citizens, the overwhelming sense of gratitude for what my parents instilled into my moral fiber took me by surprise. Their extraordinary work ethics, honesty, compassion and community involvement was my inheritance. Excuse me, just a little emotional, very rare for me.

O.K. Composure is back. Let me leave you with these thoughts. Do not be afraid of the Tea Party Patriots or those who are sincerely concerned with the future of our cities, counties, states or country. By and large, we are citizens just like you. We believe in the power of the vote and we believe in being actively involved in the government process. We believe strongly in the constitution, and for me, I hold on dearly to the First Amendment.

Get informed, get involved regardless if it is political or community, and vote.

God bless America, land that I love……

Thomas Paine Indianapolis Tea Party

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