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So far, this is what has happened in Delaware County this past year: (The list is not exhaustive, by any means)

  • New: Dog Tax
  • Wheel Tax-had some not so kosher things thrown into the ordinance.
  • Wheel tax ordinance not even complete when it was introduced
  • Commissioner Donati calls the regular county council meeting a “special hearing”, yet the Wheel tax did not appear on the agenda
  • Commissioners create job and hire commissioner’s son (No others need apply.)
  • Update: Prairie Creek development and “secret” meetings.  This is one to really watch. Blogged on it earlier.
  • Public Access Laws broken
  • Investigation of prosecutor-Indiana Supreme Court found violations
  • Update: Investigation of surveyor (he was cleared based on the evidence presented by the prosecutor to grand jury) Later he was arrested.
  • Charges against surveyor from former employer
  • DTF investigation
  • Election Board doesn’t follow the law
  • Added recently: Late voter registrations reported to Secretary of State by anonymous person-should have been reported immediately by the officials (November ’08 election)
  • Prosecutor’s office refuses to prosecute Muncie Police arrests
  • Election fraud charges gathering dust
  • Councilmen admitting publicly he signed a conflict of interest statement, none on record
  • Councilman indicted
  • City Council refusing to put the safety of the residents and MFD first
  • Kay Walker making demands the city can not guarantee (She knows where her votes are!  She is working hard for the MFD)
  • Kay Walker cancels meeting of crucial importance on fire safety
  • Prosecutor finds the time to prosecute a citizens action group for what may amount to a misdemeanor
  • City Council calls a meeting on the Modernization and Reorganization without proper notification to the public
  • Update: Mansfield still wants to be mayor.  He isn’t paying for the legal fees.  Who will call in the favors if he wins?  Bad News! Update: He finally gave up the ghost
  • Judge resigns in lieu of prosecution
  • Democrats throw poll books in the trash
  • 214 N. Walnut (Democrat Headquarters) pays no property tax on the building and hasn’t for years, classified as an educational institution
  • Update: Motion to re-instate payroll deductions for political contributions by the commissioners IT’S A DONE DEAL, NOW.
  • Phil Nichols’s friend taking pix of local citizens at a monthly Breakfast with Gregory meeting
  • Bob Wolf finding Judge Wolf’s campaign signs in trash at Democrat Headquarters
  • Democrat Headquarters attempts to force candidate to pay assessment (donations to DHQ) and when they refused for ethical reasons, DHQ worked unsuccessfully against their campaign
  • Adding Bilbey to the primaries to steal votes from Brooke, virtually guaranteeing a win for the Democratic pick for commissioner

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