Chat With The Mayor 4-30-09

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UPDATE:  Chat with the Mayor now available at CDCPTR website

Didn’t take very good notes, as a matter fact took very little. So, this will be from memory, and I hope it is all correct. If not, you will be able to watch it later on the Citizens of Delaware County For Property Tax Repeal website.

By now, most have read the front page of the newspaper on stimulus money for the parks so I won’t spend to much time on it. It always amazes me how the newspaper can write such an extensive article on a 5 minute report from the mayor. Anyway, we will be receiving $385,000 which will go to new equipment and paving. (Please don’t ask me how I feel about the stimulus money, it ain’t a pretty sight.)

Mayor Mac talked about her Japan trip and some other economic leads that could be coming our way. We know that many things are involved in economic development and building relationships with would be investors is the first and correct step to take. She touched on her last trip and the cost, somewhere in the ballpark of $12,500.00. Not a bad investment if we can get business here.

It is interesting to note that the companies (names unknown) are seriously considering our area. Prior, the companies have been locating in the below I-70 line, now they are running out of workers and looking towards the future…that would be us, folks.

The clients Mayor McShurley met with were impressed that Indiana was in better financial shape then most. Having a rainy day fund is a good thing in their eyes.

Let’s hope this pans out and be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Jerry Friend, Building Commissioner, talked about the changes in ordinances and what that means for the average taxpayer. There is a good possibility this department could become self-sustaining. The mowing fees have increased and that caused some concern for the people in attendance. I understand where Mr. Friend is coming from. It is more of a detriment than a money making scheme. Where I come from, there were plenty of ordinances which were enforced and you didn’t see the amount of disarray as you witness here. In a perfect world, everyone would mow, every neighbor would pitch in and every person would pick up trash.

Next up was Ron Ball, Interim Superintendent of Public Works. He discussed the pothole policy. Neighborhood by neighborhood, or a methodical way and what appears to be efficient. Mr. Ball passed around a paving list and with the help of the Mayor and the Controller displayed a map of the roads. The map became to heavy and true gentleman stepped in to help. 🙂 I didn’t get his name.

The fire department issue was discussed and one concerned citizen asked that her station not be closed. At this time, nothing concrete has been said. We just know that a station will be consolidated.

Another community activist asked when the sign would be replaced on the street she had reported months ago. Seems, there is a new mandate from the state and all signs need to be larger. What legislature had that bright idea? Anywho…this won’t go into effect until 2012, so a new sign that meets state regulations has been ordered.

The mayor had a couple of great traveling stories to tell, which were very funny. We will wait until the movie comes out.  I am sure I missed many things, and promise to do a better job next time. Will post the link to the Chat as soon as it becomes available.

Time now to kick back and enjoy the weekend. Have a great one!


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