Muncie City Council Meeting 5-4-09

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Got to the city council meeting a tad bit late due to the commissioner’s meeting scheduled for the same night.  Fortunately, I don’t think I missed much.

When I arrived Mayor McShurley was at the podium speaking on the new weed ordinance, you know the 8″ height could result in a fine.  Murphy as usual was sparring with the mayor saying she can’t pick and choose who to fine.    Mr. Malchow and Mr. Alexander were not in favor and believed the height should be increased.  Brad Polk suggested to amend the ordinance to 10″ which sounded reasonable to me.  Not 12 and not 8….somewhere in between.  Of course, that could not possibly be considered.  Nice try, Brad.

Geez, every thing in this town is such a big deal.

Yes, there were some valid points, like the city parks not mowed, and how would this ordinance effect perople if the wrong politicians got in office.  But, so does keeping the weeds down to an acceptable level.  It looks like crap.  I have to agree with Polk, and I think 10″ compromise would show that both parties can work together and the citizens would be happy with it.

Nobody wants their firestation closed, and Station #1 is no exception.  I think we should just close down the city in say..August for a month.  How ’bout it?  Seriuosly folks, a station will need to be consolidated and it definately has to be driven by data and not emotion.  I could almost guarantee in 5 years, it won’t make a bit of difference.

If Muncie ever gains population and a good tax base, then we may have cause for 7 stations again.  Probably not. The two new firetrucks will go out on bid and I believe the process will be sped up.  The pre-owned truck can be purchased outright since it is an emergency situation.  Still waiting for Kay Walker to make a decision.

President Quirk has started on a plan with the new fire chief.  I am glad that something will be in the works, and it should never have gotten to an emergency in the first place.  However, that is in the past and can’t be helped.  The true test is how we move forward from this day on.

Good news, Indiana Wire applied for a permit and will be tearing down the old factory.  The tax loss will be around $10,000.00. Allison Quirk and Jim Arnold had a playful conversation.  Even though she was adamant she didn’t want a shirt, I think she does.  O.K. Arnold, get the lady her shirt.

President Quirk mentioned again about holding a fiscal summit with all the taxing units.  Great idea, and the sooner the better. We really need to get down to business with the Modernization and Consolidation effort.  Time is wasting and that is something we can never regain once it is lost.  Let’s hope this will be a step in the right direction in regards to fiscal responsibility.  Businesses do it all the time, citizens have been doing it, so can government.  Don’t forget the meeting is Wednesday May 6 @ 5:00 PM – Carnegie Library. (Sorry-wrong date, should have been May 5th.)

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