A Victory for the Residents, for now.

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The residents of Delaware County won a victory Thursday Night, at all places the HEARTLAND Center.  For now, there will be no development at PCR.

I am constantly amazed at the comments quoted in the Star Press which are uttered from the elected officials mouths.  Commissioner Don Dunnuck said he is a leader and not afraid to challenge the status quo.  Who is the status quo?  Is it the citizens of Delaware County?  Is it the Democrat Party?

It can’t possibly be the Democrat machine in Muncie, Indiana that he feels obligated to challenge.   Every since he announced his idea to develop Prairie Creek, all Democrats, at least the elected ones have been curiously silent.  Where is the outcry, where is the love  expressed so passionately all last year.  The silence is deafening.

A lone voice, Commissioner Larry Bledsoe, is the true leader of the three.  He is the one who has time and time again challenged the real status quo in this county.  It can’t be easy for the poor guy.

I am proud of the people who are taking a stand and making a difference.  Keep up the good fight and never give up.  If you can continue to throw roadblocks in this pretend development for the next 3.5 years, you will be able to breath just a little easier in 2012.

I predict Dunnuck will not run again…but then I predicted he wouldn’t win in the primaries and he did.  So…take that for what it is worth.

Here is the Star Press article.


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