Prosecutor Mark McKinney

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We received the verifed complaint for disciplinary action from the Indiana Supreme Court in reference to the complaints against the Delaware County Prosecutor.

To me, it is sad it has to come to this, yet I am pleased it is coming to light. This could have all been avoided if our elected prosecutor followed the letter of the law and provided justice as he was sworn to do.  Perhaps he did, why then would the Indiana Supreme Court be involved?  Why would any complaint be filed?  I would think the Court would have better things to do then chase after some allegations stemming from a disgruntled and scorned would -be employee, don’t you think?

Yes, it has been said Mayor McShurley filed the complaint because she didn’t get considered for a job in the prosecutor’s office.  She has better things to do than file some bogus complaint.

He has a black eye, the county has a black and some have wondered what will happen to the cases he has prosecuted. Its a big mess.

Click here to read the 16 page document from the Indiana Supreme Court.


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