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Indiana is one of the few states which actually has a surplus, for now. That is equal to having $20,000 of disposable income above and beyond your normal salary and expenses. You wouldn’t dare tap into it for a luxury item, not in this day and age.

One only needs to look at other states to fully understand the scope. I will use Michigan as an example. Once a thriving state, it is now facing the biggest budget shortfall in its rich history. Everything is being cut, while all service fees are being raised, and property taxes are so very high. In 2007 the state almost shut its doors, instead it borrowed and taxed causing the state to be the #1 or #2 state to lose the most population per capita in one year. The unemployment rate is 12.6% highest in the nation. Compare Michigan or other states to Indiana and you will certainly find Indiana to be in much better shape.

The Japanse and other investors look for a prudent state to locate their businesses. Not one where they pay so much in taxes, they can’t make a decent living.

One thing is for sure, we must make our state and city and county attractive to new businesses, because eventually the economy will pick up, and the only real solution to uneployment and poverty is a good stable job. We can never stop seeking out investors even with the econonomy in the tank. We must never default on the realtionships we built and are continuing to build, or they will go somewhere else. Plenty of places to choose, it is a very competitive market. We must never loose sight of it.

In 5 or 6 years, we will probably not even give the fire stations a second thought, I doubt it will be the doom and gloom predicted. If Muncie becomes heavily populated again, then we can think about building newer and better stations. Until then, as unfortunate as it may be, they will have to live within the means available just as we have learned and survived.

In my estimation, Gov. Daniels has far surpassed Gov. Graholm of Michigan when it comes to keeping this state afloat


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