Living for the City!

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The Muncie Star Press is hopping with all sort of news on the predicted budget shortfall. The Our View is my absolute favorite article of the day. Larry Riley’s column comes in second.

Since the 3rd quarter of 2007, the citizens of Muncie, yes the CITIZENS, have constantly brought forth our concerns, warnings and information to the city council. Met with blank stares and every conceivable road block imaginable, we have now finally arrived at the point our city is teetering on a crisis.

The constant game of politics has been played out until we see our city on the brink of financial meltdown. It is time the games stop, time to oust those officials who have done nothing to prepare for the future of Muncie.

If there is one thing that gets my goat out of all the things done or not done by our elected officials it is the tabling of the Modernization and Consolidation effort.

Why was it tabled? Mostly because the city council found out they didn’t have a say. They were not in control.   It may be brought to light a city of our size does not need 9 council members.  Countless other reasons, I am sure, none in the best interest of our city.

So, they table the effort, drag their feet for 9 months (9 months of precious time LOST!) start from almost scratch on the board appointments. Does anybody realize the damage this delay may have done to our city?   Well, if you don’t realize it yet, just pick up today’s newspaper and see reality in print.

We could have been pioneers, leaders in the state. Instead we prefer to wallow in the dung and be leaders in corruption and poor government.

This city has run amuck for so long, it has been held captive by the political strongholds that DO NOT care about the citizens. It’s all about protecting their own. It has got to stop. 65,000 people manipulated by just a few self-serving elected and appointed officials. It doesn’t stop at the city limits, our county is infected with the same disease of it’s all about the few.  Good news, there is a cure.  You will find it at the voting booth. 

Those who do hold an office and are true public servants have been shut down. Take for example the recent proposal by Brad Polk. A simple compromise on the weed ordinance. The city wanted an 8″ ordinance on grass height, the city council wanted 12″, Polk came up with a compromise 10″. Even something as simple as a blade of grass has become political.

Folks, wake up and realize the problem isn’t all with the budget, or the MFD, or city workers, the full responsibility of this crisis lies squarely on the shoulders of our elected officials. Let’s get some good people in office. It will be hard work, but nothing worth doing is ever easy.

Living Just Enough For The City!

A tribute to to elected officials of Delaware County. Click here.


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