Nobody is Listening!

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We asked for serious cuts to the 2008 Budgets in the Fall of 2007 in preparation for the inevitable…..nobody was listening.

We proposed voluntary consolidations in October 2007…..nobody was listening.

We pointed to the multiple TIF Districts, with bulging excessive balances and debt that could be retired saving millions and even abolished returning more millions to the various contributing taxing districts…..and nobody was listening.

We started exposing the illegal Common Construction Wage practices in Delaware County that have been costing the County and Cities millions….and nobody is listening.

We Petitioned for Modernization/Consolidation in January/February 2008…..and some reluctantly listened while trying to figure out how to render the effort worthless.

We predicted a revenue shortfall of nearly $3 million dollars for 2009 and $4.5 million for 2010 as far back as early last summer…nobody was listening.

We again proposed wide sweeping budget and department cuts to the 2009 Budgets in the Fall of 2008….nobody was listening.

We worked up a comprehensive plan to to cut $3 million from the 2009 Budget….nobody was listening.

We held forums, informational meetings, published newsletters, worked the polls and even tried to point the voters in the right direction….but again, nobody was listening.

We’ve even gone so far as to voluntarily assume some of the very basic governmental responsibilities to demontrate it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or multi-million dollar budgets to perform the most basic and important services…..but apparently nobody is listening!

Hmmmmm….reminds me of the old adages….”you can lead a horse to water…..” or “you reap what you sow”……very, very unfortunate that we have public leadership so bent on sustaining the status quo that they would place the future of our Communities at risk and “lead” us to the poison well of economic collapse.

Chris Hiatt

One thought on “Nobody is Listening!

    Gimmeawillie said:
    May 21, 2009 at 1:33 am

    Wow, what a great synopsis of the last year and a half for CDCPTR.

    The Gov’t officials AND the citizens have been warned…yet nobody was listening.

    CDCPTR and Chris Hiatt have been demonized by the Democrats and guess what…they were RIGHT and 214 N. Walnut was WRONG!

    CDCPTR was on the side of THE PEOPLE, 214 N. Walnut was on the side of the status quo.

    Simply amazing and what a well done blog entry!


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