3 Special Meetings on 6-2-09

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Muncie/Delaware Economic Development Alliance asked the Delaware County Redevelopment Commission, The Planning Commission and the Delaware County commissioners in 3 separate meetings to take 1.5 million dollars from the Morrison TIF fund to purchases solar light and wind turbine. In return for this purchase, a company, yet unknown (this is not unusual) will expand its business to Delaware County. There is a promise of 105 jobs at $45,000 per year. There will be a public hearing on this, and more information will be forthcoming.

I don’t have a problem with this, none whatsoever, based on what I heard this afternoon. Something that is bothersome is where was the public notice? By law, there has to be a 48 hour notice published so the public can be made aware of the meeting. Two notices were published outside to door to the Commissioner’s Court Room 309 in the County Building.  To my knowledge the Redevelopment Commission was not posted.

An explanation was given that this happened so fast because the unknown company wanted to move quickly.

How many secret meeting will be kept from the public before somebody wakes up and says…”What the heck is going on?”

Second, how fast will our TIF funds be spent at this rate? Why haven’t the bonds been paid off. We are losing at least a million dollars in interest alone. Mr. Donati was asked this question, and he was a little vague, but did say he was working on this and there would be money left. A citizen commented “The week’s not over yet”.

Somebody is getting me the actual amount of money the Morrison TIF had at the beginning of the year. I think it is in the ballpark of 6 million before the firetruck purchase and the earmarked fund for lights and turbine. It will probably be around 3.5 million left. This is an estimate only-so don’t take it to the bank.

Check the Star Press tomorrow for more information. If you are interested in how this money is being spent and more on the unknown company, keep your eyes peeled for the public hearing. 

If you would have liked to attended the meeting but knew nothing about it (not to many people did), contact your elected officials and ask if they can supply when and where the meetings were announced.

These men are on the commissions and also hold public office.

Larry Bledsoe, County Commissioner
Brad Bookout, County Council
Jerry Dishman, City Council
Todd Donati, President County Commissioner

It’s getting late…good night Delaware County, sleep tight….


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