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Legislative Survey on Gov. Daniels’ Proposed Budget

Members of the General Assembly will convene in special session to craft a new, two-year state budget.

Gov. Mitch Daniels has unveiled his administration’s budget proposal which includes the following key provisions:

  1. EDUCATION FUNDING will be protected. Most schools will see an average increase of 2 percent over the biennium, based on state and federal stimulus fund resources, and all school corporations will get more money per child than they receive today. In addition, should state revenues exceed the amounts forecasted, an “education trigger” would automatically invest $1 for every $2 of excess revenues received. In addition, financial aid for higher education “scholarships” for Indiana students will be increased by 3 percent.
  2. PUBLIC SAFETY will not be compromised. No cuts will be made in funding for the Indiana State Police or the Indiana Department of Corrections.
  3. JOB CREATION would be bolstered by the investment of $450 million in capital projects at state universities in addition to $1 billion in road and bridge projects – paving the way to more investment in Hoosier hometowns across our state.
  4. SPENDING CUTS across the board except for K-12 education and public safety will help ensure state government lives within its means while protecting against future tax increases. The plan also calls for preserving $1 billion of the state’s emergency funds to help bridge the state to better economic times.

It is important to note that, in these difficult economic times, 35 states are cutting education, 40 states are raising taxes and 31 states are doing both. Under this budget proposal, Indiana is doing neither!

Your opinions on the state budget are very important to me. Please take a moment to visit my website and respond if you would support or oppose Gov. Daniels’ budget proposal.

Take the survey.


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