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LOIT was tabled at city council last evening.  It appears there is a state law where the local government must provide tax creditamount. Since those figures are not available, LOIT was put on hold. The deadline is November 1st, so don’t look to be out of the woods just yet.

Another interesting ordinance 11-09 which is a non-binding resolution. This is one stupid resolution. It concerned the federal funding asking Pence to reconsider his stand. As I understood it, Muncie City Council would speak on the behalf of the residents of the city. Think on this for just a minute. Perhaps you are a citizen that supports Mr. Pence, should a body of 9 people be allowed to speak for you? This in my opinion is going a tad bit to far. As if the government doesn’t interfere enough in our lives. We are all responsible adults, quite capable of contacting our representatives. Gregory and Conatster voted no. Brad Polk “absolutely not” or that is a no. Allison Quirk, President, mentioned the county had done the same. So, big deal!  In my opinion Presidents Quirk and Donati are like two peas in a pod collaborating on God knows what.

Sam Marshall spoke in defence of Mike King, Finance Committee Chair, saying King did his utmost to work on the budget. Some of you may know, the finance committee only met once in 18 months. This is proving to be a sore spot with some of the citizens. Include me as one just slightly more than perturbed.

King has instructed the department heads to go back to their departments and find cuts. Brad Polk asked if all council members could get the figures. Polk was not invited to meet with the department heads. One Democrat and one Republican should work with the department heads. Mary Jo Barton said she was not invited. I believe Polk and King, both with financial backgrounds, should work as a team on departmental cuts.

Gee, it only took 18 months to get the lead out of their rears regarding the budget.

I hope to have some of the speeches which were read at the meeting on the blog soon.  Waiting for approval.

Check the CDCPTR website for video of the meeting.

Usually, I am in a fairly good mood when posting. Not today. This is the most fed up I have been with city council in quite some time.


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