Fed Up With The Lies

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Yes, folks, I have reached the point of no return. Fed up with the lies, the politics the whole kit and caboodle. It began somewhere around 5:15 PM Monday, July 6th.

A public hearing is designed for citizens to air their concerns to our elected body. Unfortunately, that does not ring true for our city. The auditorium was packed with firefighters from cities across Indiana. All the while, people who dwell in our county were left to stand in the rotunda.

President Quirk had the power and could have asked those who do not live in Delaware county to kindly relinquish their seats to those who do. President Quirk and most of the city council were aware there would be a packed house. The meeting should have been moved. Was it poor planning on the president’s part? Yes, unless you are looking at it from purely political side.

Question: Was it poor planning or was it political?

Today we read in the paper the county commissioners will be taking over the hiring of the 911 director, completely overriding  the 911 board.    Click here to read the full article.

Question: Is this legal to bypass the board?

Which brings me full circle back to the title of this blog.

Question: Have the people of this city no shame, no sense of right or wrong?

The mayor has had to endure some of the most vile attacks on her integrity, it doesn’t stop there.  It has spilled over to her family.  Lower than low, stuff you find in the most smutty of novels.  Her home has been vandalized, her life has been threatened, her family has been under attack, flyers branding her Public Safety Enemy #1. 

Say what you will about citizens who are working hard for the city and the county.   Since when is it wrong to ask our elected officials to be held accountable for their actions?  Since when is it wrong to question where the money for TIF is going?  Since when is it wrong to speak out against nepotism?  Since when, since when?

You will nof find annoymous flyers circulating about the commissioners, or the city or county council members.  Or their homes vandalized. Or their families disrespected. Or their lives threatened.

The citizens who care about the community (and there are many) will not participate in conjuring up lies, there is no time for such nonsense.  Nor do they have the mindset to do so.

And the same people who have waged this war of lies upon our mayor, will gleefully continue on to any who they find in direct opposition to their ideals.

In closing, agree or disagree with your elected officials decisions, be vocal, get informed and before you open your mouth, check yourself and use these simple rules as guides:

He without sin, let him cast the first stone.

People in glass houses should not throw stones.

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