The Best Kept Secret by Jim Arnold

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Psst, can you keep a secret?

Did you know that Center Township Spends $930,000 per year for fire protection?

It seems like the Mayor is under a lot of pressure to “compromise” with Center Township Trustee Kay Walker on the consolidation of Fire Safety services for Muncie and Center Township.

Ironically, the best kept secret in Muncie and Center Township is the fact that Center Township has as much or more to gain than Muncie in the consolidation of fire safety. CT currently budgets $500,000 for fire protection, but is robbing Peter to pay Paul to fund their fire Safety Services. The actual cost for CT fire protection is closer to one million dollars per year.

Ironically, the CDCPTR plan would have staffed the current CT stations with full time fire fighters for $450,000 per year, but Kay didn’t jump for joy when she heard the plan. Perhaps her priorities are a little confused.

 Yes Muncie stands to gain some newer fire trucks with the consolidation, plus an extra $450,000 per year, but the “newer” Center Township trucks won’t hold much sway in negotiations now that the powers that be have purloined 1.1 million dollars of the Morrison TIF money to purchase two brand spanking new fire trucks for Muncie.


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