Poll: LOIT Vote No, Yes or Dunno

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In light of what we heard tonight on the 2009 and 2010 budgets, there should be no need for an additional income tax to be levied upon the citizens of Delaware County.  Allison Quirk introduced the ordinance at the highest percentage available 1.25%.  Mrs. Quirk can pull the ordinance and she should. 

In just the past few days we learned the county has 8 million dollars because the state has taken over the family and children welfare fund.  Think about the wheel tax and ask yourself if the officials knew about the 8 million prior to adding another tax which obviously  is not needed.

LOIT is forever, it can never be revoked.  I have felt it was wrong to tax during a recession, high unemployment and foreclosures, etc.  Now with the hope the city can survive and do it well, it will be morally reprehensible to place a tax that is clearly not needed.

Call and say No to LOIT!

Alison Quirk: 765-288-5319
Mike King: 765-282-3709
Linda Gregory: 765-286-2925
Sam Marshall: 765-288-0478
Brad Polk: 765-288-0571
Mark Conatser: 765-744-8862
Jerry Dishman: 765-215-9747
Mary Jo Barton: 765-289-9494
Monte Murphy: 765-286-4154 or 765-288-0516

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