Muncie City Council August 3rd, 2009 & LOIT Poll

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Another City Council meeting under our belts. Don’t breath a sigh of relief just yet. Please take a few minutes to watch the August 3rd City Council meeting on the Citizens of Delaware County for Property Tax Repeal site.

City Council President Allison Quirk read a letter to Mayor Sharon McShurley asking for the budget for 2011. 2010 is not even finished yet. President Quirk is no longer planning on meeting with the department heads as was stated earlier. Instead, there will be a budget meeting on Monday August 10th 5:30 PM.

Here is how it is playing out in my mind:

  • City Council and the Administration do not communicate.
  • By asking the controller to submit a budget for 2011 (2010 is not even finished), they have opened the blame game door should council pass LOIT.  Before the blame falls on McShurley’s shoulders, remember who introduced the LOIT.
  • President Quirk wants to know what the administration has done to reduce the budget.  Allison should have attended The Chat with the Mayor on July 30th.  It’s on video, and the summary is on this blog.

There were several typos in the salary ordinances which will need to be fixed to be legal.

Councilperson Mary Jo Barton asked for job descriptions for all city employees.  At first, it sounded like Barton was asking for elected official’s job descriptions.  She clarified it a few minutes later.  I think she must have forgotten the well rehearsed lines.  (The whole meeting was orchestrated.)

 The city employs one controller and nine city council members. 

Seems to me Barton or other members have plenty of time to gather this information.  The base pay for city council  is $12,500.00 (roughly).  Not bad for a part-time gig.

Councilperson Polk said the city is looking at cost containment, and based upon the amount of employees it would be expensive to print each one out.  He suggested any council person could go look at it.  I doubt Mrs. Barton will spend a full week looking at 200-300 job descriptions.  Regardless, the controller will pass this request on to the proper department.

Mayor Sharon McShurley asked Mary Joe Barton if she could send the job descriptions electronically.  Mrs. Barton agreed once she understoof it would come through her email.

The council was great at throwing out all sorts of “little” things to do to waste the administration’s time.  Much of this could be leg work for the council. 

Politics at their finest!

There will be 27 pays this year and the controller took that into consideration based on advice from Charlie Pride.  This would add an extra pay.  Councilperson Sam Marshall said why not take the annual salary and divide by 27? 

This is a no brainer, to me.  Not a bad observation, Mr. Sam Marshall.

President Quirk asked if the department heads could  be made available at the next meeting to be questioned on the budgets.  Hmmm, like I said, wasn’t something similiar promised at a previous council meeting?   Doesn’t look as if the council met with any department heads.  Imagine that!

Mayor introduced the new public works director and the new fire chief.  She shared the grant opportunities the administration applied and other great things that have been implemented and will be happening in our city.

Just a couple of things before I go.

Remember President Allison Quirk introduced the LOIT and she can pull it back.  Call President Allison Quirk and ask her to pull the LOIT ordinance.


 Please take the LOIT Poll.



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