2010 Budget, Prairie Creek, Zook and LOIT Poll

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Good evening folks.

The budget meeting went extremely well!  The controller presented a workable 2010 budget with the $311,000 cuts recommended by the Umbaugh study.  She is pretty confident, based on the current cuts and without the tax draw revenue, that for 2009 we have met the budget deficit! 

We still are waiting to hear from the state on the pensions, and of course the contracts will be coming up again, so there may be additional monies to be saved in 2010.

Doug Zook, Superintendent of the Parks did an excellent job presenting his budget.  I was so impressed.  Here is why:

  • Prairie Creek  Reservoir has generated $532,000.00 in revenue
  • Budgeted $529,000.00
  • Profit: $3,000.00
  • First time in 40 years of operation

The man has it going on.  He answered every question in a professional manner, was cool as a cucumber and a real go getter.

The summer has been unseasonable cool and we are in a recession, imagine the money during a hot summer and no recession. 

If every department head comes to the budget with these types of savings, there will be absolutely no need for LOIT.  We can run leaner and better.  Just takes people who can get the job done. 

 Congrats to Mr. Zook for using his great management skills, and to his employees for their innovations, dedication and hard work! 

Now, on to the LOIT poll.  Much to my surprise I had 50 hits on the poll just this evening.  The votes were tallied and in favor of the LOIT.  

I wonder who would be in favor of doubling of their income tax when we just learned that with good management, and frugal spending, the city more than likely will be able to weather the financial problems without taxing the whole darn county to do it. 

Call and tell Muncie City Council there is no need for LOIT.

Alison Quirk: 765-288-5319
Mike King: 765-282-3709
Linda Gregory: 765-286-2925
Sam Marshall: 765-288-0478
Brad Polk: 765-288-0571
Mark Conatser: 765-744-8862
Jerry Dishman: 765-215-9747
Mary Jo Barton: 765-289-9494
Monte Murphy: 765-286-4154 or 765-288-0516

P.S. Don’t forget the county has 8 million dollars from the welfare fund.


One thought on “2010 Budget, Prairie Creek, Zook and LOIT Poll

    pascal said:
    August 13, 2009 at 8:56 am

    Good reporting.


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