8 Million Dollars and A Rainy Day Fund!

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What’s going on? 

The Richmond newspaper reported the counties which have a surplus from the family and child welfare budget will be able to keep those funds!  Yes, siree bob, them dollars can be deposited into a rainy day fund.

According to the article, Delaware County will have 8 Million Dollars.  Almost as much as the Morrison TIF had in January.  Now, I ask you?  Did the county know about these funds before the infamous Wheel Tax?  What is their plan for this money?  Will Chris Matchett, President of Delaware County Council, still request budget cuts of 25%?

Will President & Commissioner Todd Donati find yet another way to spend this money?  Will we see this 8 Million Dollars magically disappear in a matter of a few short months?

Now just suppose, all of our county officials were aware of the 8 Million Dollars and still decided to add a tax to an already struggling citizen base.  After all, the Wheel Tax was introduced in May and adopted in June just a few short days before the State Budget was passed. 

If the elected officials knew, yet chose to stay silent and get the Wheel Tax passed faster than an Indy 500 lap…well, that’s not very nice.

Follow the money, folks.  Watch it like a mother hen watches her chicks.

8 Million Dollars of our tax money.  Please spend wisely.


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