Will She Or Won’t She? Will LOIT Be Tabled? (Stay tuned!)

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It is true.  President of City Council, Allison Quirk will  consider withdrawing the resolution to implement an additional tax on the citizens of Delaware County.

The Mayor of Muncie, Sharon McShurley, has done what no other mayor has done in decades, perhaps ever, and that is….to make the hard decisions to find and implement cost savings in the city budget.

Many people should receive a round of applause, many worked hard to stop the implementation of this tax. 

McShurley because she has publically stated her non support for this tax.

Council members, Mark Conatser, Jerry Dishman and Brad Polk for realizing this is the wrong tax for the wrong time and the courage to go against the flow of taxation as the only means to combat shortages.

The Muncie City department heads for putting together much needed changes in ordinances, creating revenues and putting the citizen’s financial well-being above the status quo.

The city employees who worked hard under tough conditions.

Citizens of Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana for taking a stand.

CDCPTR for their tireless effort in getting the information about the tax in the hands of the people.

President Allison Quirk for withdrawing the resolution.

  As penned during the mayoral campaign…”We need a quarterback, not a cheerleader”.  I do believe the writer was prophetic….


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