Muncie City Finance Meeting 10-14-09 Jim Arnold

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Finance Meeting 10/14/09

Last Things First. Two upcoming meetings were tentatively scheduled.

Monday Oct 26th at 5:00: Another Finance Committee meeting was scheduled to allow the Finance Committee to make a formal recommendation to the Full City Council for ther Special meeting on the budget.

Tuesday Oct 27th at 5:30: Special Budget meeting with full Council.

I arrived a little late so I missed the first part of the meeting, The first discussions I heard were pertaining to the issue of the salaried workers affected by the 27 pays in 2010. Alison asked for amended salaries in advance of the next City Council meeting to give them time to prepare. It was my understanding that Mary Ann agreed to redo those salaries affected by the 27 pays to state them in terms of an annual amount which could be divided by 27 in 2010 so that the annual salaries would not be increased by the extra pay period. City Council will need to adopt these new annualized salaries prior to adopting the budget to resolve the 27 pay issue. It boggles my mind that this has drug on or so long. Sam Marshall more or less suggested this two months ago at the regular City Council meeting.

There was discussion about the insurance estimates and Mary Ann said that we are waiting on the insurance company and that she hopes to have the numbers by next Monday.

Mary Ann noted that the latest Muncie revenue projection from Umbaugh was revised downward by $500,000 due to the fact that the County opted to put the excess welfare levy into the rainy Day Fund instead of using it to reduce property tax burden.

Special Note: Mary Ann reiterated on a couple of occasions that she believes that we will be able to balance the budget in spite of the recent revised projections from Umbaugh. Say NO to LOIT.

Mary Ann answered a question from Mike King and advised him that PERF for the police department is calculated by multiplying the Base salary from the PERF report by 19.5%.

Mary Jo advised Mary Ann that the reason there is an unemployment line item for MPD but not MFD is because of the crossing guards that are paid out of the MPD budget.

Mary Jo suggested that they reduce the budget for fees and dues for organizations that Mayors belong to.

Brad Polk indicated that he had gone through the budget line by line to identify some other cuts. I think these will be reviewed at the next meeting.

Alison asked for a 2008 budget statement through 12/31/08, so they would know the exact amounts spent for the entire year in order tom make better recommendations for budget cuts.

Mary Jo and Mary Ann argued about the computer forms budget for data processing. Mary Ann tried to explain that the data processing contract is for service, and does not include paper.

Jerry Friend spoke briefly and mentioned that he is on track to making his officed self supporting with an additional $157,000 fines and fees levied (but not necessarily collected) due to recent fee changes he introduced.

After that the upcoming meetings were discussed, and the meeting was adjourned.

Note: This synopsis of the Finance Committee meeting was sponsored by Taxpayers Opposed to Increasing Local Income Taxes (TOILIT) as part of our “Flush the LOIT” Campaign.

Alison Quirk

Withdraw Your LOIT Tax!


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