Urgent! Special Meetings – Week of 12-14-09 – City Council

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City Council Special Meetings Next Week!!
Monday (12/14) @ 5:30 pm
Mayor’s attempt to have Animal Control Funds transferred to keep street lights on.
All indications are the Council may not allow for those transfers!
Wednesday (12/16) @ 5:30 pm
Public Hearing on the Hydrant Fees they have proposed as replacement the $700,000.00 of hydrant costs they removed from the Fire Department Budget. This is an ILLEGAL PUBLIC HEARING with regards that the City Council did not provide for a 10 day notice as required under IC 5-3-1-2.
Wednesday (12/16) @ 6:00 pm
City Council is now proposing repeal the ordinances annexing Halteman Village I as well as Brewington Woods. These annexation efforts have gone through a considerable legal process costing the City maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars. The most recent ruling at the appelate court level was favorable to the City’s efforts and now the City Coucnil is going to repeal the City’s authority to annex these areas. This will cause the city to lose the potential for 10’s of millions of dollars in assessed taxable value equating to hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost potential future tax revenues.

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