Lights On For Muncie & The Animals!

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Muncie will keep the lights on and the animal shelter will reopen tomorrow.

Tonight we saw first hand what can happen when elected officials work together for the citizens of Muncie. 

We need to support the MPD in the moving violation fee,

The hydrant fee was not addressed due to the meeting being illegal.  However, it will still be on the table and it has to go before the utilities commission after is it passed.

The de-annexation may be illegal.  Still waiting on that.  Sam Marshall said he wanted to do the right and moral thing by allowing the de-annexation which he voted for in 2007.

My sincere hope is the city council will begin to take careful thought to all the ordinances introduced before passing.  When have seen a lot of mistakes which have been very costly.

Anyway, this is it in a nutshell.  Hope to have a video tomorrow,

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