Delaware County Special Meeting 12-16-09 – County is Broke

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The Delaware County Council held a special meeting on 12-16-09 regarding the financial problems facing the county and in regards to the Excess Levy which should be paid back.

In a nutshell, the county treasurer is trying to solicit banks for a 10.5 million dollar loan.  Every bank in D.C. has turned us down and now we are hoping 3 banks in Indianapolis will loan the money.

The county has not prepared for this day, spending money on software, locks, raises, hiring, building of new EMS station and a whole host of other non-essential items.  $5,000 to the Sports & Hobby Complex to fund the expansion, after a $1,000,000 bond was awarded just a few months before.  HELP!

Mr. Matchett, the president of county council, sent a letter requesting all the department heads to cut their budget by 25% in anticipation of the budget shortfalls.  It appears nobody listened.

Muncie City did not receive our share of the taxes paid into the Child Services Levy. The county retained the complete 8.3 million and spent it, too. With the county operating in the red, one has to wonder, how in the world did the county plan on taking over animal control and paying for it?

The cavalier attitude in regards to the SBA’s “slap on the wrist” is amazing.  Watch the video.

Click here to watch the Delaware County Special Meeting video.

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