De-Annexation! Legal or Not?

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Special meeting on the de-annexation movement of Halteman Village and Brewington Woods started promptly at 5:30 PM in City Hall Auditorium. (This place is like my home away from home.)

I won’t keep you all in suspense, the vote was 6-3. No surprise there.

Mark Conatser made a mistake in saying that Muncie has grown. It really hasn’t. In fact Muncie’s population has dwindled. I don’t fault Mark, as he is in his second year as a city council member. Sam Marshall said the same thing two years ago and he was coming up on his 21st year anniversary in the same city council place.

Yep, Muncie is losing people. Until you actually look at the Census records you can’t imagine how many we have lost.

Mary Jo Barton asked the audience “Have any of the tax people talked to you?” She was addressing those which live in the proposed annexation areas. Heads shook no and a no or two could be heard.

I am sure Ms. Barton believes there was some basis to this question.

The simple truth is, only nine people hold the power to continue the annexation or vote it down. I wonder if one of the nine city council members, namely, Mary Jo Barton, talked to the residents of these two areas? That should fall under her domain as an elected official. This is just plain lazy to expect citizens to do her work.

I was deeply touched by Vice-President Quirk’s concern about the budget problems. Only took two years to realize we had one.

In closing, if you should wonder why people are not clamoring to move in to the city limits, please attend a city council meeting. You will wonder no more, I promise.

Oh, yea. I almost forgot. We still don’t know if this de-annexation ordinance is legal or not. Guess we will need to wait and see….

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One thought on “De-Annexation! Legal or Not?

    pascal said:
    January 22, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    There is a story about the lawyer who went West, settled into a town with no lawyer, had all the business to himself, and starved. Along came another lawyer and before too long both were rich. Which lawyer (why do we support two of them at the public tit) is likely to have done his homework on this matter? Bare assertations are of no value. But, both are billing hours over the same legal matter.


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