No Confidence ~ Jim Arnold

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No Confidence

At the January 21 special City Council meeting, Mike King, Alison Quirk, Sam Marshall, Monte Murphy, Mary Jo Barton, and Jerry Dishman voted to override the Mayor’s veto of the repeal of an ordinance passed in 2007 annexing Brewington Woods and Halteman I. Please note that the 2007 annexation vote was cast before Sharon McShurley was elected Mayor.

Be advised that your vote sets a dangerous precedent that will hinder future annexation efforts for years to come. Your vote squanders $100,000.00 of Muncie taxpayer dollars already invested in the annexation, and untold millions of dollars of future tax revenues which would have positively impacted our City

Your vote also represents a vote of No Confidence in the rule of law that should have been allowed to legally determine the fate of the annexation efforts.

A vote of No Confidence in the ability of the Muncie Fire Department, to provide adequate fire protection to Brewington Woods and Halteman I, and in the veracity of Fire Chief Sean Burcham and MFD Union President Mike Whited who both claimed that the Muncie Fire Department could do so.

A vote of No Confidence in your own ability to effectively cooperate with the Mayor and assist in the difficult task of addressing budget shortfalls and other difficulties facing the City of Muncie.

Hopefully Muncie citizens will respond with a No Confidence vote of their own leaving six of you scrambling for something to do on the first Monday of each month after the 2011 election.

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