Past, Present and Future of Delaware County

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The Past, Present and Future, it would take pages and pages to even begin the story. So instead, let’s focus on just a minimal amount of information. I hope you will agree, this is something to pondering  during this election season.

Past: Sometime back in the early part of 2007, then Commissioner Mr. John Brooke chose to tackle the age-old problem of health care. His plan was to merge both city and county health plans, thereby reducing costs to both the taxpayer and the employee. I believe Mr. Brooke’s consolidation of health care was two-fold. One to show that Delaware County can be progressive. Two that Delaware County under Democrat leadership can be cost-effective. 

No fruit from this tree, so to speak.

Mr. Brooke’s plan was not only dismissed by the leadership, it was lobbied against by the very same leaders. Not once was he contacted. In fact the health plan consolidation was not considered simply because it was his idea.   Proving without a doubt, the leadership is not concerned with you, me or the citizens of this county.

Present: 2009 has come and gone. What a year Muncie has seen. We know the City Council leadership has made some of the most outrageous cuts from the City budget to date.

With a budget shortfall of roughly four million dollars, Mayor Sharon McShurley made some tough decisions. Alas, the city was still lacking 1.5 million. As a last-ditch effort to preserve the city from what appeared to be a devastating effect from City Council’s mindless cuts, she present the council with a proposal to increase insurance premiums. The increase would have prevented the lights from going out, fuel for police, saving 12 jobs and our animal shelter staying open, just to name a few. It was not to be.  Because again, it was her proposal. 

Still think the current leadership has our best interest in mind?

The county should not be left out of the equation. What with the windfall of 8.3 million dollars from the welfare levy, the two million dollar surplus left from 2008 by the previous administration there should have been no reason for the county to end in the red.

But we did.

Donations here and there, purchasing of a used truck, hiring, raises, raiding the Morrison TIF and passing of the Wheel Tax is how our county has chosen to manage our hard-earned tax dollars. A far cry from the past commissioners which consolidated departments, dropped expensive insurance policies and worked to make Delaware County a place where we can be proud to call our home. 

Still think our leadership is looking out for our interests?

Future:  What does our future hold? We have been told the county may be short three million dollars and the city a few million dollars less in 2010. What we need is the beginning of responsible and responsive government; moulding it into a fiscally sound and citizen oriented county. It takes strong leadership,  men and women having the knowledge, experience and a willingness to move us out of this down-ward sprial going no where. 

Let’s take a good hard look at the ones which are soliciting our vote and those which want to retain office.  If there has been no progress, we can take control and replace the men and women with those which have the capability to move our county forward.  Vote informed.

We are a strong people. Let’s take ownership and expect  High Performance Government.

Remember this: Good Government Begins With YOU.

Let’s get to work!

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