Good-Bye, Mr. Zook

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The newspaper reported today we will be losing a most qualified and talented department head in the City of Muncie.

Mr. Doug Zook, Superintendent of Muncie Parks and Recreation has tendered his resignation. 

An awesome department head that I have had the pleasure to meet.

From the moment Mr. Zook took the microphone at the last budget hearing, I knew we have secured a winner.   Smooth as silk, Mr. Zook presented his financial report of Muncie Parks including the turn around of Prairie Creek.  We saw quality, intelligence and strong desire to have a successful and beautiful park system.

At the Chat with the Mayor, again, Mr. Zook brought forth his plans for our parks. 

He will be sorely missed, yet we are pleased he is able to secure a better financial position elsewhere.  

I hope the foundation he has built for our parks will continue with his replacement.

Congratulations, Mr. Zook.  You will be missed.


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