Update on the SAFER grant

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We have no news on whether Muncie will be awarded the SAFER grant.

What we do have is a column in today’s paper (4-4-10) by Larry Riley.  According to Mr. Riley, the City Council will introduce a resolution asking Mike Pence, Evan Bayh and Dick Lugar to put in “a good word” for us.  Don’t forget, this is the same council which voted in another “resolution” condemning Mike Pence for his stand on earmarked funds.  The council said it was on behalf of the citizens of Muncie.  If my memory serves me right, Conatster, Gregory and Polk voted against it.

Anderson is already slated to receive $609,000 in grant money.

Mr. Riley states the grant application had some odd numbers.  Apparently, the total amount of people serviced by Muncie Fire Department is 119,000.  This is the total population for Delaware County.

In addition, it looks as if the MFD is wanting to expand their borders and include the residents of the county.  There is also a question of the amount of fire hydrants.  Nothing new in Riley’s article about Kay Walker, Center Township Trustee, wanting to close their fire station.  She campaigned on it. 

The LOIT is not going away, folks.  It was included as a creative way to retain the firefighters after the grant money runs out.  I guess we can understand why Vice President Alison Quirk has refused to table it.  That is a whole ‘nother story.

So, I would suggest you pick up a copy of today’s paper and read the column in its entirety.  I believe it is an eye-opener.

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