Chat with the Mayor 5-27-10

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Been just a little preoccupied with life’s circumstances so the blog has felt neglected. Will try to catch up on all the happenings and perhaps do an outline sometime soon.

That being said, tonight was Chat With The Mayor.

Just a handful of people showed for the evening. Some new faces and plenty of old ones. We heard an update on the parks system from Matt Bailey and a brief comment from Mayor Mac on the Japan trip.

This last visit to Japan has gotten a committment from a company to visit Muncie when they are in Indiana. Would be nice to have a committment for jobs, yet we all know this takes time to foster relationships. The whole world is in a financial slump and even though there are some rumblings of a recovery, it is yet to be seen.

Someone asked about the plans for Robert’s Hotel. Plenty of ideas have been presented. Of course, the hotel is in foreclosure and will be in the tax sale. Several liens on the property complicate the situation more. Still, it would be wonderful to see some movement. It is such a beautiful building.

Bobby Patterson could not make the chat. Matt Bailey gave us a rundown on the plans for PCR. There are ideas to develop the beach area, beach house and playground. Plans to make the park ADA compliant. (Wonderful!). Ball foundation has generously given PCR a $50,000 grant to make it happen.

Perhaps many of you have noticed the plantings around the parks as part of the beautification project. There is actually some money in an endowment fund that has never been spent for this purpose. I always thought the parks were very bland in nature. Glad to see some color for a pleasant change.

The city will be taking bids on playground equipment for Cooley park. A nice upgrade is overdue.

Our newest park, Canan Commons, located in the downtown area will be exciting to watch as it develops. We saw a conceptual drawing tonight. There will be a sidewalk, rain gardens and solar lights. All eco-friendly with low maintenance and low water usage. Part of luring VAT to this area was to purchase lighting, and so the light will be energy efficient as they are powered by solar energy.

Hopefully, there will be a fixed stage,  that is in the mix. The park will also have electricity and water allowing for a multi-task park. Meaning, we can have art shows, community events, perhaps a farmer’s market all utilizing the Commons.

In fact, someone has already requested the use of the park.

I can’t remember if the Mayor said there was $220,000 for the park. $190,000 has come from HUD funds, and MSD Storm Water has donated $140,000.

This will be an asset for the downtown area.

Of course, we can’t forget about parking. There is a committee made up of IVY Tech, Street Department and downtown businesses working on the plan for parking.

Tuhey pool was on the agenda. Again, we saw a conceptual drawing of what may be the future of Tuhey. Although, it looks great, reality is knocking on the door. So, for now, the plans are to get the pool functional. Keep in mind none of the mechanics of the pool have every been replaced. Everything is original. I think we got some good life out of it.

The west wall sustained the most damage. The leakage from the pool went under the road and into the river. Getting this repaired will save money and replacing the parts will create a reasonable savings.

The bathhouse is in good condition and just needs a little TLC. A new roof and some sprucing up and it will be good as new.

Right now, the city is toying with a $2,000,000 bond. I am not to fond of borrowing money, but, that’s just me. The last estimate to repair the pool was $500,000 in the ballpark.

The priorities for Tuhey are as follows:

  • Repair existing pool
  • Bathhouse
  • Parking

I wasn’t aware there are groups working on Tuhey Pool.  Found out tonight, we got ’em.  Good news, and thanks to all those which are devoting time and money for the pool.

That’s all for Munciepolitics tonight.

Remember, there is an election just around the corner.  Vote informed.


One thought on “Chat with the Mayor 5-27-10

    Godzilla said:
    May 30, 2010 at 9:02 am

    Bonding for such a purpose is crazy


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