Important Information About Homestead Deductions!

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Good evening, folks.

If you have received your property tax bill, please make sure you pay close attention to the enclosed Homestead Deduction form.  The form is pink-do not discard it.  If you tossed it, don’t despair there is plenty of information in this post on how to continue your Homestead Deduction.

All people eligible for a Homestead Deduction must complete the form to continue receiving  the deduction on your property taxes. 

“Completing the form confirms that the individual is using the property as his or her permanent home, an eligibility requirement of the deduction,” County Auditor Judy Rust said.

Individuals or married couples claiming the homestead deduction must provide the last five digits of their driver’s license and Social Security numbers. This information will be placed in a secure database that will enable all county auditors in Indiana to cross-check names, identifying those who may be claiming a homestead deduction in more than one county.

“The homestead deduction gives a qualifying individual or couple a substantial property tax benefit by lowering their property tax obligation,” Rust said. “When individuals who do not qualify receive this benefit, it costs other taxpayers more.” Muncie Star Press 6-6-10

For more information contact:  Delaware County Auditor  

You will enjoy working with the Auditor’s Office. Some great people working there!

On-line Homestead Deduction Form – click here

Delaware County Property Tax On-Line Information

Delaware County Treasurer’s Office

Additional information can be found at DLGF Department of Local Government Finance


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