Monday Night Show Down a/k/a City Council Meeting

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It’s hard to believe, a month has passed and we are all gearing up for yet another Shoot-out at the O.K. Corral. In other words, another City Council Meeting.

So, if you are feeling up to a little excitement, mosey on down to City Hall and watch the dog fight (literally).

No doubt, City Council will again try to give away our assets and force the city taxpayers into an inter-local agreement with the county. Sure, we all like to pay twice for the same service. You may have already received your tax bill, and if so, take a look at how much money you pay into the county. So not only will we pay $225,000 right off the bat to our city, we also get to contribute even more to the county.

The county wants complete control of the Muncie Animal Shelter but wants to pay very little for the service. Instead, they are demanding we pay $225,000 and they pay $115,000. About $35,000 more than what is currently paid for county animal control.

In return, they will receive all of Muncie’s Animal Control assets. Building, trucks, cages the complete package.

Some of the main players behind this push for this insane arrangement do not live in the city and in fact will not even benefit from a rudimentary form of county animal control. They are out of the area of this animal control proposal. Things that make you go hmmm.  Muncie politics at it’s finest. 

The originator of the county take over of animal control claims the county has made all the concessions, poor little guys. But, before the county can claim they have conceded they must first have something to concede.

Here is what the county has:

  • No animal shelter
  • No trucks
  • No cages
  • No employees
  • No experience
  • No money

So what exactly has the county conceded?  Nothing, because they have nothing to offer us.  What they do have is a contract with the Henry County Humane Society.  That’s it.

See, when you suggest the county take over animal control completely and fund it from the general fund, either you get no response or some off the wall comment.  I believe the county is in no position to administer an effective animal control program.  They have no experience and no funds. 

So, two obvious, probably more,  reasons why the supporters do not want the county responsible for animal control:

  1. The county is bound to fail at animal control.  The county will then be responsible for creating the perfect disaster. 
  2. The supporters want to pay less for more.  Payment for this service from the General Fund would be more equitable to all taxpayers.  They want it at a lesser expense and would prefer the city pay the larger portion.  It’s a good deal, if you can get it. Ha!


Politics, pure and simple.  The local Democrats in power want the Mayor to fail, and by golly, they will do it with any means possible. 

Stay tuned….

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