Ownership of Animal Control Is Now In The Hands Of The County

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City council passed the animal control ordinance 6-3. Who voted no? Linda, Mark and Brad.

Linda brought up some interesting questions, like why were the salaries included in the ordinance. From what I can tell, the ordinance mirrors Bookout’s proposal word for word. I can’t wait to get my hands on the ordinance.

For some reason City Council feels obligated to favor a person from Albany, Indiana to govern what goes on in the city. Do we go to Yorktown and tell their officials how to run their city? No. Yet, she has been pleading before City Council for the longest time. In fact, Albany will not even been included in this animal control ordinance.

The whole thing is fishy. From the moment Mike Quirk spoke at City Council last December and informed the council Alison Quirk was in meetings with the County on animal control. Just Mrs. Quirk. Not the Mayor and not City Council. Within a few weeks there was a proposal on the table. Flawed from the beginning, using outdated budget figures.

Let’s see how this plays out. Let’s watch who is appointed to the board and who is hired. Let’s see how well the county can run animal control. For City Council’s sake, it better succeed.

City Council just gave away the city’s assets, double taxed the city taxpayers, and signed a ordinace which may or may not be legal.   All because of the insane budget cut of $40,000.

Mike King, Alison Quirk, Monty Murphy, Jerry Dishman, Mary Jo Barton and Sam Marshall. Just who do they serve?

Watch for udpate…

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